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Flexible Furlough Scheme Agreements

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Do working days and hours need to be specified exactly? Or can they be more flexible, something like say "you are required to work 15 hours per week"?

Or can we even say "working hours as necessary depending on levels of business" and tell the employee to report hours actually worked and base the CJRS grant claim on this?

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30th Jun 2020 09:01

If you Google Brightpay Download -at the very very top there is a blue link that says Documentation. That gives you another link to a flexible template letter which will lead you in certain directions. You are not downloading BPso dont have to be using it. Its just on their main site. Some templates are over complicated. this is straightforward.

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By tom123
30th Jun 2020 10:20

I just wrote to our staff saying that furlough was changing to flexible, that furlough hours continue to be paid 80%, and worked hours at full rate.

Got the letter signed and returned.

Actual hours to be worked to be advised by operational managers as required.

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