Glenn Martin
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Forecast 5 software - to replace winforecast

Forecast 5 software - to replace winforecast

My version of winforecast gave up the ghost yesterday and I need a replacement.

I have found forecast 5 which looks to be indentical to winforecast does anyone on here use it?

most other forecasting stuff I can find seems to be Xero add on or similar but I need a stand alone application.

It also seems expensive at £900 + Vat per year. ( I don't see why its an annual charge either as it wont be updated really)

Any comments from users would be appreciated.


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By brent
02nd Nov 2016 08:46

Forecast 5


I worked at Forecast 5

Edited as Content irrelevant since I was made redundant.

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By Glennzy
03rd Mar 2016 21:31

Seems expensive to me.

I have sent you PM but pricing seems expensive for me as a sole trader.

would be keen to speak with other users.



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