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I've used Futlri in the past, but have a spefici need that I'm wondering whether people know Spotlight (or ANOther) would deal with better? I seem to remember Futrli being a bit clunky, but maybe that's standard. 

I don't think Futrli deals with departments and split P&Ls ...

I need to do a forecast showing P&Ls for 2 separate departments & combined, combined Balance Sheet & combined CFF, for 5 years, with 3 different scenarios.

This is a short-term need, so a monthly non-contractual cost isn't an issue, but I'd prefer not to have to learn a new software, unless it does what I want and Futrli doesn't.

Any help/suggestions gladly received.


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By kiwilondon99
28th Nov 2019 08:29

castaway + forecast5 - 2 big packages will do this and more
solutions - depend on your budget, degree of sophication/depth of data,whether you need then to include actuals from the accounting data etc..
basic - would be to whip up 2 excel models and combine...... so its all dependant on what you are trying to achieve or even liveplan

ps trialled castaway+ forceast5 briefly years ago - no affilaitions with any named products above !!!

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By [email protected]
28th Nov 2019 11:28

Hey, we have plenty of clients utilising ourselves for these needs. Automate the actuals with department splits into Excel for ongoing updates if you're using Xero or QuickBooks Online that is. Giving clients access to refresh only so they can be self sufficient. Check out

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