Forecasting software for SAGE One

What Forecasting software is easy to use with Sage One

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I am looking at an easy to use forecasting software that is compatible with Sage one (cloud based) to prepare Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow forecasts.

Thank you for your help.


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By frankfx
11th Dec 2020 20:43

What have sage community got to say.

What software have you looked at and rejected and why.

Help us frame a reply that assists you.

But you need to set out your stall , for some reason you left it vacant.

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By williams lester accountants
12th Dec 2020 09:47

Try moving away from Sage to something that actually is useful like Xero or QBO, they have loads of forecasting apps in their marketplaces.

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By Chris Downing
13th Dec 2020 19:20

Castaway Forecasting is the best in class solution out there at the moment and integrates with Sage Accounting:

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Replying to Chris Downing:
John Toon
By John Toon
16th Dec 2020 13:21


Castaway is the defacto replacement for Sage Winforecast (a shame they discontinued a good product, wouldn't you agree Chris?)

If there's a need for complex forecasting like this then I'd suspect there's a need to use a first tier cloud accounting app which will bring many more benefits (see other solutions already recommended) rather than a second tier one

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