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Foreign domicile status

Foreign domicile status

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So if a non UK domicile/non Uk National (so just resident) earns income from employment overseas as an employee, by proving they were earning outside of the U.K. they can claim the tax paid in international earnings (I.e. For work carried out overseas, even for the same employer and on the same payslip) back through SATR. The cash is then deposited in an offshore bank account. This was set up by a top 5 firm.

If they now move to their own Limited Company and continue the same pattern - does this planning still work?

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By Expat24
17th Feb 2016 12:09

Overseas Workdays Relief

Seems from your question, you are unfamiliar with the rules for OWR so suggest you look at these and understand the basics re remittances, nominated new account to be able to use the simplified mixed fund rules,  etc etc...the list goes on.

If you do not have expertise in this area, then refer it to a specialist as there are lots of pitfalls! Also there is a limited shelf-life for OWR so your client may have already had all he can get. 

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