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Form P53Z

Form P53Z

Form completed and submitted to HMRC together with a copy of the P45 on the 14th May 2018. The lump sum payment was made on the 9th April 2018.

HMRC replied to client (not us despite 64-8 being in place) a month latter saying unable to process form beacuse they have not received confirmation of the payment from the pension administrator (Aviva).

Client obtianed a letter from Aviva confirming that they submitted details of the payment to HMRC electronically on the 10th May 2018. This letter together with a further copy of the P45 submitted to HMRC.

HMRC are still saying that they still can not deal with the repayment as Aviva has not submitted there copy of the P45.

I have sent a formal letter of complaint which in a phone call yesterday HMRC acknowleged thety had overlooked but they still say unable to deal with the repayment until they get information from Aviva.

Client is chasing Aviva to see if they can help but is struggling to get hold of someone who understands.

What more can I do in this situation? 




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20th Jul 2018 09:51

Small Claims Court ?

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By mbee1
20th Jul 2018 11:29

Write to the client's MP copying the letter to HMRC. I usually find that gets results.

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22nd Jul 2018 09:11

Ask HMRC to check prior year - I had a visit with a Tax Help for Older People customer/pensioner with similar difficulties in claiming refund last year and Aviva had put the wrong date on the P45

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23rd Jul 2018 12:54

Resolved now.
Complaint letter seems to have done the trick!

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