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Form W-8BEN-E

US-UK Tax issue

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I am seeking assistance for completion of Form W-8BEN-E for one of my client. My client has income from USA for work which he take there. He is british national, registered for taxes in UK, has some part of income from UK and also regularly pay his income tax in UK.

Can anyone advise me about this.

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By paul.benny
01st Jul 2019 10:52

Start by putting your client's name in Box1 of part 1...

Past there it's pretty difficult to answer succinctly without more knowledge of your client's US income and assets.

There are plenty of guides online to filling out this form.

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By Chris Maslin
01st Jul 2019 12:24

We see these a fair bit for our UK clients with US customers. They will need to complete it to avoid US withholding taxes being kept from payments made to them.

Usually find them relatively straight forward...though there will be a lot of boxes they don't need to complete.

You're typically looking for the "Active NFFE" option (assuming your client is a trading business who isn't a bank/insurance company).

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By Coops
01st Jul 2019 13:27

Is your client an individual?

If so, you should be completing W-8BEN rather than W-8BEN-E.

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