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Forms VAT 652

Forms VAT 652

Morning all,

I submitted a VAT 652 to HMRC Liverpool the week before Christmas and havent heard a peep.  Is this normal?

Obviously I am going to chase this up, but just wondered if this was typical of HMRC and if anyone else has had problems.  The media has been fairly critical of HMRC over the past year or so but this is the first time I personally have had a wait (and even then its not that bad).

The fact its a hefty repayment probabyl doesn't help, guess i should brace myself for a visit at the same time.

As always, thanks in advance



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02nd Mar 2012 12:50

Fear not....

I was perhaps in a similar position - an underpayment of around £2500 over a 9 month period.  I submitted the VAT652 detailing what and when then waited and waited and waited.

The VAT652 was submitted at the beginning of November and I received the response dated 04/01 (I seem to remember) the second week of January.

Just interest was charged - no penalty, no visit, no aspect enquiry etc.... mind you, the VAT error came to light when the accounts were being prepared for closure of the limited company.

I think it's quite a small team that read and process the 652 forms.Do

Don't tie yourself in knots worrying - I did and it was totally counter-productive.

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05th Mar 2012 07:27

Thanks Jon - much appreciated.

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