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Forum Private Messages and User Profiles

Forum Private Messages and User Profiles

I love this forum, it's a great resource and the people are lovely.

Sometimes, though, I fancy sending a message to one of the users about one thing or another, and wish it was like other message boards where you can click on their name and have the option to view profile and send a private message.

Given that there is some kind of profile set up with user accounts (though I have no idea what it does), and that you have to be a member to use the forum, is there any chance we could have this basic message board function available to us? I am sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it!

Thanks AWeb!
Jenni Frost


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By Anonymous
09th Apr 2007 20:36

There is
a members directory set up, although when I've looked previously, the people I've tried to look for are not there.

This is probably due to people using pseudonyms.

I can't even find the link for the directory!

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10th Apr 2007 14:46

Both excellent ideas
Hi Jenni / RR,

Thank you for your posts - putting members in touch with each other and a revamped members' directory are features that we need, and we are looking into both of these.

The caveat is that, at all times, we strive to keep our members' details secure - so we will need a robust solution that doesn't compromise that. We all know that the web is very good at finding information these days.

We hope to have a solution in the next couple of months - I will certainly keep you updated. In the meantime, please do keep enjoying Any Answers!

Kind regards,
Darren Falkingham
Marketing Manager
A Sift Media publication

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10th Apr 2007 19:40

Thanks Darren, it's good to know :)


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