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We have a tenant in one of our commercial properties. His been there for 8 years. He has been running a Indian restaurant with a average turnover of £4-5k a week. We now find approximately every 14 months he opens a company and closes a company all of which claim to trade as the same on going business run in our tenanted property. Management and tenant has never changed. We now find that one of the management being a business partner to the tenant is a banned director, yet he has continued to run the financial affairs and management of the business. Non of the company’s or the trading business has submitted accounts, or completed a proper tax return or registered for vat.  We further believe that the accountants are assisting in various frauds as they have full knowledge of the company’s opening and closing , staff wages as well as things like civil penalties. The company’s are applying for voluntary strike off despite being up and running as income producing business for at least 14 month periods. The strike-offs invariably means creditors don’t get paid particularly as creditors are never notified of the company’s intentions. Has anyone got any advise and contribution to our concerns

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Replying to Cheshire:
By Dib
05th Apr 2019 13:19

Surely you mean "Also if anything it's you're wrong"?

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Replying to Dib:
By Cheshire
05th Apr 2019 13:40

Ha, yes. Good point.

But even 'its youre wrong' is better than 'your wrong'

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Replying to SUEBEN2003:
By lionofludesch
05th Apr 2019 09:00

SUEBEN2003 wrote:

This country is going down the pan and one reason is fraud coupled with money laundering.

You should have been around a few years ago. We've more AML laws than ever.

Obviously, they're not enforced as the Government is potless.

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Replying to Cheshire:
By Wilson Philips
04th Apr 2019 22:52

I was wondering what happened to “That’s me over and done.”!

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By Tim Vane
04th Apr 2019 23:50

My advice is to stop posting this twaddle on here, speak to a solicitor and get them kicked out of your building.

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