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Fraud risk management

Fraud risk management

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I'm going to be interviewing an e-Crime and fraud expert on Monday and I'd like to put members' questions to him. He specialises in fraud awareness, cybercrime, identity theft, IT security, training and risk management.

If there's anything you'd like to know, post your questions to this thread, or email me directly on [email protected] and I'll put as many of your questions to him as I can. 

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By stepurhan
16th Jul 2010 14:04

A few questions

A security breach at a shopping website you use results in your credit card information being stolen. Do you have any recourse against the site and what duties do they have in assisting you to resolve the resulting problems?

A business wants to be able to accept credit cards. What steps would you recommend to ensure that the business limits its exposure to

fraudulent credit card details being used for purchasesconfidential customer information (such as in the question above) falling into the wrong hands

A business also wants to take orders from regular account customers by electronic means. What steps would you recommend to ensure that orders are actually from those customers and not generated/amended fraudulently either externally or by sales employees? This is more of an issue where a customer is a retail establishment ordering on behalf of individuals (i.e. the order is not delivered to the customer address.  False orders would be obvious on attempted delivery if all made to a customer address)

Given that entirely computerised systems leave no paper trail, how can businesses perform checks that internal records are not subject to fraudulent amendment? This is taking into consideration that computer passwords may be insufficient where particular staff have legitimate rights to alter data for valid business reasons.

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By cymraeg_draig
16th Jul 2010 14:18


Does he agree with me that the best way to avoid staff fraud is to pay them a good salary so that they dont need to steal, and, know that if they did lose their job they would never get another one on the same pay?

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