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Free accounting software

Free accounting software

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Following the recent release of the free Microsoft accounts software, I wondered what free accounts software there was.

So far I have discovered Microsoft, Adminsoft and Turbocash. Have you found any others?

Have you used free (or almost free) accounts software, such as Microsoft, Adminsoft, Turbocash etc. and what do you think of it?
David Honneyman

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By alaff83
14th Aug 2008 14:32

free software
Interprise are offering a FREE single user and has extensive functionality, given that the software is free.

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By iandarkwater
10th Mar 2008 16:22

Try Microsoft Money!
Its not free but its cheap ~£20 & its certainly not 'double entry' & all bells & whistles.

But if your needs are staightforward its easy, intuitive & sufficient.

We use it to run~ 10 small companies.

Give it a try - I think you can try for free.

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By Ken Howard
10th Mar 2008 15:10

Worth what you pay for it!!
I have recently tried a couple of freebies and was disappointed with them both.

Firstly, I tried which is a free web-based ledger system. It was very cumbersome to use, virtually impossible to edit a transaction, generally very slow, and the reporting was poor, in particular, impossible to drill down from reports to the underlying transaction, meaning a lot of searching to find supplier name and narrative which weren't actually shown on the nominal reports. You have to fill in narrative in lots of different boxes on each screen before you can move on - excrutiatingly painful to use.

Secondly, I have more recently tried the latest free Microsoft offering. Hit a number of snags straight away, i.e. impossible to change financial year after set up, doesn't support all the popular VAT schemes, very difficult to navigate around - i.e. entering direct payments (i.e. petty cash payments, standing orders, etc - anything without a purchase invoice already entered) is done by going through several navigation steps which an inexperienced user just wouldn't know where to even start looking.

In both cases, the vendors seem to have decided to reinvent the wheel, which is good to some extent, but have also copied the same pitfalls of the leading players. They really are "me too" products - in some ways too complex for the entry-level user, yet not complex enough to deal with the typical small business.

I have recently trialled which is a breath of fresh air, although not free, it is still easily affordable for the smallest business, and again web-based. It has been written "bottom up", so is Ideal for the beginner with no book-keeping knowledge and support has, so far, been excellent.

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By carnmores
10th Mar 2008 18:16

i hope to speak to them tomorrow

its disappointing that they have not replied already

i am also having year end problems that i should not be

its not as flexible as QuickBooks which is a shame

why they didnt get A web members to beta it is beyond me

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By Anonymous
10th Mar 2008 16:57

Hi David,

I have tried TurboCash, not at all easy to use, in fact couldn’t really get it to work, so after 30 minutes decided if I can’t use it with ease then a client will not stand a chance. Shame really.

Winweb, which over our internet connection works fine, and always has, incidentally we have never had client complaints that it is slow, but they also have a cash book module rather than using the bells and whistles version. We have had nothing but positive feedback from clients, and it is the client opinion that I am concerned with, if they can use it and we can tailor/control it then everything is good.

Moneysoft, we use their payroll software, and if their accounting software is like that then it has to be a winner.

There is also VT, they offer a free version of a cashbook not ledgers, I have not used it properly, but did look at it, and it was good, so it may be worth your time looking.

Holden Associates
A Blog for Small Business

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By AnonymousUser
10th Mar 2008 12:17

Interprise Suite
I was introduced to Interprise Suite, A HREF="">reviewed on AccountingWEB. Single user version is free.

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By Anonymous
10th Mar 2008 14:49

TurboCash review is here
TurboCash review is not that good.
Check this link.

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