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Free online invoicing...

Free online invoicing...

Hi everyone,

I run a small business from home that requires sourcing raw materials from suppliers and sending them to a producer to create my product, who then ship to a sales firm who sell the product (With me).

I have two other people working with me on the business and I would like to hand across the payment and sending out of invoices to another member of the team. We all work from home and therefore keeping hard copy files that we can all share is tricky.

I would like to find an online programme that will allow my colleague to generate and save invoices online, so I can still check on it and ensure everything is running smoothly. I can forward across invoices that need to be paid, but if the software has a feature that can allow invoices to be paid to be placed on the site that is even better.

My accountant has suggested Iris Openbooks, allowing better integration, but I would like to kick things off with something that is free. I am currently producing invoices via an excel sheet I have and paying suppliers when required (Again I have an excel manufacturing sheet).

Please could someone advise me on the best product to use. I have seen this ( but the site doesn't allow much investigation and demonstration.




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10th Dec 2012 16:56

Try Quickfile

I think you would find quickfile to be ideal for your needs. 

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