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Free Retirement Planning Seminars

Free Retirement Planning Seminars

We're currently a few dates into a 'UK tour' providing free to attend seminars aimed at accountants.

As we deal mainly with owner-managers and professionals they are aimed at accountants dealing with this type of client and cover areas such as;

-Using pension savings to finance business (loans, equity/IP purchase, property etc)


-Succession planning - getting good value from pension savings for clients and their beneficiaries

-Techical update - run through changes to legislation, recently changes to lifetime allowance, annual allowance, drawdown rules etc. Focus on identifying clients affected and minimising impact or maximising opportunity

Two questions for everyone;

1) What kind of topics would be useful to cover, what kind of problems do you have in this area, what questions from clients?

2) Would it be apprpriate to put these events on Accountingweb and if so, where? The events are free and can count towards CPD so I would see them as an opportunity/benefit.

All feedback appreciated and if anyone wants more info let me know, we have the following dates to come;

London 20th October

Leicester 25th October

Bristol 1st November

Exeter 3rd November

Guildford 8th November

Essex (Rivenhall) 10th November

Sheffield 15th November

Brighton 17th November

Milton Keynes 22nd November

Nottingham 24th November

Liverpool 29th November

Cambridge 1st December


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12th Oct 2011 15:28

Could this be an Advert? Surely not!

I am personally seeking a wealthy widower. That is my retirement scheme in a nutshell.

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