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Free UK Tax Software

Free UK Tax Software

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Can anybody recommend free tax software to submit various SA tax returns?

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PAH Accounting Devizes Wiltshire
By Phil Hendy
02nd Jun 2011 16:11

HMRC's own

The best and only free one that I have used in the past is the HMRC's own software. However, I am not sure how it is set up for the new iXbrl filing requirements.

I think you will struggle to find any Free 3rd party applications, and if you do, you generally get what you pay for!

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By Steve Knowles
02nd Jun 2011 16:34

None for partnerships

Until recently, there was no free option for partnership SA returns - not even HMRC, so if you don't want to buy software, you must file early on paper -  haven't  heard that the position has changed.

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By dreamcatcher
03rd Jun 2011 09:52

HMRC online software

I agree the online software provided by HMRC is very good for the majority of SA tax returns, but can sometimes struggle to cope with complex personal tax cases and CGT.  I have used it frequenty over the past couple of years with very few problems. 

It even seems to work pretty well the last week in January which is more than can be said for some of the so called professional packages...cough...cough... Iris !! 

I have also been impressed the CT element too.  You can only submit the short CT600 and it is a bit of a faff having to enter the financial statements, but its free.  This process offers a joint filing service with Companies House so that you can submit the statutory accounts at the same time as preparing the CT600.  To do this you need the CH authentication code etc.

At present HMRC do not offer a facility to submit partnership returns online, so unless you want to pay for some software then you would have to submit paper returns by 31 October.

Hope this helps

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
03rd Jun 2011 10:25


I used HMRC online at first til I got up to about 10 clients, at which point I was far too annoyed and bought FTax, which was a breath of fresh air in comparison.

HMRC is the only one that's free and you get what you pay for, but it does the job. Just not as easily as 3rd party software!

I've never used the HMRC CT - tried it once, ran away, filed on paper! Now run everything on FTax.

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By BigBadWolf
05th Jun 2011 00:30


F-Tax for up to 7 returns

if you can't afford £18 - then I suggest you do them on paper!


If you are doing more than 7 returns - I am sure you can afford to pay for software.

You could use HMRC software - but its not worth the hassle


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By sonic.master
30th Jan 2014 21:06


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By steve.home
30th Jan 2014 22:33


Dear AccountingWeb members,

I've edited my post from earlier this evening.

For those who are curious, sonic.master had posted a link to a spoof website that was pretending to be the TaxCalc website. The spoof wasn't exactly of great quality but there was a risk that someone out there might have ended up downloading a suspicious executable.

Thankfully, it's gone now.

Kind regards,


Steve Checkley


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