Free Zone Ltd in the UAE with a client in the UK

How to receive payment for a Free Zone Ltd from the UK

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My client has their Free Zone Company in the UAE and has opened a GBP bank account with one of the major banks here for their business.

Now one of their main clients is in the UK. They would be getting paid from the UK into the UAE GBP bank account. What would be the most efficient way of receiving these regular payments from the UK into the UAE please?



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By Leywood
10th May 2022 08:29

Not an Accountancy question.

Would’ve been quicker Googling rather than joining an Accountancy forum this morning.

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By paul.benny
10th May 2022 14:27

Sounds more like a discussion between your client and their client - their client is the one needing a payment process that it quick and efficient. Failing that, you client should talk to their bank.

In my experience, paying from UK to UAE is relatively quick, with a fee of £10-£15 a time. Whether that's significant depends on the size and frequency of payments. If many low value payments it might be worth you client looking at accepting credit cards.

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