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Freeagent - partner prices.

A new client wants to use freeagent. I cannot find any prices & nobody wants to call me back

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A new client wants to use Freeagent and has asked whether he should sign up directly or via my firm. 

I don't know the answer as I cannot find out the pricing!

Unlike other software firms, you cannot set upup partner account online, you have to request a call from a sales agent, which I've done, more than once, but no contact apart from a mailshot email as I'm now apparently on their mail list for marketing!

I've emailed them and was told that a sales agent would call, but nothing still.

Can anybody tell me their pricing for accountants?

I've never known it be so difficult to become a customer of any company. 

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By marks
06th Mar 2019 23:46

Get them to open their bank account with RBS and it will be free as RBS own Freeagent and give it away for free if you have an account with them.

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Replying to marks:
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
07th Mar 2019 09:33

What Marks suggests is best route as discounts for accountants are quite poor (unless you have a lot of clients on it) and cost of limited co version is £27.50 pm making it expensive compared to Xero and QBO

Going with the bank will save you £300 per year

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By Matrix
07th Mar 2019 07:12

FreeAgent are a very personable small team and contactable by phone so I would call them (will PM you a number).

You have to learn FreeAgent and pass a test but there are discounts once you are a partner. Also as above it is free for NatWest clients so all my start ups set up accounts there.

The discounts vary I expect but a new non NatWest client would be paying much less than the £29 on the website.

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By Maslins
07th Mar 2019 10:17

I think FreeAgent have recently rejigged their accounting partner stuff.

They sent me a link to this page It doesn't give actual figures for pricing, but does indicate it's a sliding scale based on number of clients you have with them. Our FreeAgent deal was instigated ~8 years ago so I have no idea how it compares to what they offer now. I'd hope their support would be able to clarify for you quickly enough.

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By nicklongden
07th Mar 2019 11:18

Apologies you haven't received a reply to your enquiry @Manchester_man

If you would like to message me with your details I will ensure one of the FreeAgent team contacts you immediately.

We do offer some very attractive discounts to accountants and bookkeepers as part of the FreeAgent Partner Programme and would be happy to discuss these with you. If your client banks with RBS / Natwest and are a new to FreeAgent customer then the software for them is Free for Life.

Nick Longden
VP Sales

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