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Friday question: shouldn't we be claiming CPD points on contributions to AWeb!!!!

Friday question: shouldn't we be claiming CPD...

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Since this is where many accountants raise their day-to-day practical problems and get them answered shouldn't we claiming CPD points?!!! If yes should points be based on each post or time spent!!!!

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By andy.partridge
08th May 2015 14:46

Of course AWeb is bona fide CPD, but I'd draw the line at Time Out.

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By Mouse house
08th May 2015 16:38

I would say so, although perhaps more for reading others answers than answering questions. I certainly claim a few hours over the year for research generally and that includes researching issues on accounting web.

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By NHGlos
08th May 2015 17:02


What's the policy of your professional body?

For bodies that have a quality over quantity/outcome based approach, then you probably can if you can show that it's relevant and appropriate etc. For those bodies with a points or hours approach, it may count towards non-verifiable CPD, providing you can show it's relevance etc.

As Mouse says, you also need to consider how you are using AccountingWeb, but since journal reading can count...

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