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Friendly Accountant in LIVERPOOL Required URGENTLY

Friendly Accountant in LIVERPOOL Required URGENTLY


A friend needs to submit the first year accounts for a small startup in next few days. Is there a friendly accountant in Liverpool who can help him on an Urgent Basis?? Due date for submission is in 7 days and business is VAT registered and therefore accounts may not be too difficult to do given he has submitted VAT Returns. Company is a startup and therefore has not made any profit so far. Obviously he is tight on money but needs assistance. I cannot help him and therefore this question. Is there a friendly accountant in Liverpool out there? Email him on [email protected].



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18th Mar 2012 16:05

He's left it a bit late!

7 days???

Doing his own VAT does not necessarily make it easier for the accountant. It may be a whole lot more difficult if he has made mistakes, or hasn't kept good records of what he has (and hasn't) included in the VAT calculations. On top of that, it looks like he hasn't consulted an accountant previously so there may be lots of other problems, too.

A competent friendly accountant is a very good idea, and I hope he is successful in finding one, but they are unlikely to be cheap given the circumstances.

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18th Mar 2012 17:00


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19th Mar 2012 13:24

Might be better to accept the penalty...

I assume the deadline is for Companies House filing.

Rather than rush into finding someone perhaps unsuitable your friend might be best to accept the £150 penalty and find someone who can file in the next 30 days.

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19th Mar 2012 15:32

I'm appalled...

... that you should suggest that there's such a thing as an unfriendly accountant.  I always find people that want all your money to be very amenable. :)

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19th Mar 2012 17:12

move year end

why not bring YE forward, which should give him an extra 3 months

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