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From Sage to Cloud Payroll vs Basic PAYE tools?

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A company I work for decided to run payroll inhouse for 6 staff, rather than accountants.

Month 1 was run by the our former accountants using SAGE payroll. Can we start from Month 2 and if so what would it be useful to know?

It was originally thought to use HMRC Basic tools, but I know it can be messy.

Alternative is to switch to Sage Cloud Payroll. I appreciate they are not the best but we are trying to cut costs.

Many thanks to those who already answered, really helpful.


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By JoF
14th May 2019 14:23

You can start whenever you like, although whether it's advisable might be another matter.

Do you provide payslips to staff?

How many staff?

How many in AE?

I would suggest you look at a better payroll product than HMRC tools if the answer is yes to the payslips Q.

Try Moneysoft or Brightpay, both recommended on here a lot.

Get the P11 from the Accountant.

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14th May 2019 14:35

Not ideal but it can be done.

Are you not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire in switching from Sage to BPT ? Neither is very good.

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By JoF
14th May 2019 14:49

Oh please dont edit your post after its already been answered. Perhaps just add a comment instead showing your change of mind comments! So frustrating.

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to JoF
14th May 2019 15:06

Thank you for your feedback ! It was certainly not deliberate, will keep this in mind next time, do take care and thanks for the input

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By JoF
to puzzledcat
14th May 2019 15:08

No probs.
As Lion says - dont go with Sage. Very expensive and not very user friendly.

If it must be cloud then BP is your best option.

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By jcace
14th May 2019 15:23

BrightPay is excellent, and you can import Sage data from csv reports.
The most important thing to include will be the same RTI identifier numbers for each employee and make sure that ALL year to date figures are properly included (pay, tax-free amount, tax, NI, NICable elements of pay etc).

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By Alex_T
15th May 2019 13:55

Definitely not Basic Tools. BrightPay or Moneysoft are your best bet. Sage is far too expensive and not very good.

Best of luck!

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15th May 2019 14:03

I would steer clear of HMRC basic tools, it's just not up to the task. I've been using Brightpay for a few years now and find it great. Very intuitive and easy to use.

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15th May 2019 16:29

Hi Puzzledcat,

You can certainly move software mid-way through the year. Most of the larger software packages have a means of transferring easily from the other larger providers.

I use BrightPay (which is much less expensive than Sage and, in my opinion, is far superior) which has a function to import directly from two Sage files (one for the employee details, the other for the year to date figures). It has a step by step guide on their website on how to transfer from Sage to BP. As a payroll provider, I have had to do this mid-year many times and haven't had any issues. Things you need to look out for that won't be pulled through are:

- Sickness Periods marked on the calendar (they won't be, and so must be done manually to avoid issue)
- Maternity pay (and historical pay for future maternity that is coming up soon, keep the old payslips for this)
- Employee Payslip Passwords (if using any)
- Any EPS figures from Month 1 (employment allowance, SMP, SPP etc.) will need to be entered manually so that they are included in your YTD EPS.

If you do decide to go with BrightPay and you have any questions, they have a great (free for customers) support team, but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Good Luck,
Coppice Payroll

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16th May 2019 16:06

Thank you all very much for the valuable information and advice, based on this it has been decided that we go with Brightpay. They have also been very helpful on the phone. Just hoping the accountants will provide the necessary information in good time for next month

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