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FRS turnover B2B supply to EU customer

Is a supply to a EU business included in the turnover?

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Good afternoon 

My client has invoiced a EU business. General rule for services apply so supply is  where the customer belongs.

I have read the VAT notice 733 para 6.2 to 6.4 and it suggests this should be excluded from the Flat rate turnover. My software (Free Agent) has included it (settings are correct as far as I am aware).

Am I misinterpreting the notice? Any pointers gratefully received. 

Many thanks

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By clark.hall
21st Mar 2018 13:45

If services have been supplied these are technically outside the scope of VAT and not declared as part of your FRS VAT turnover. Sale of good however would be.

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Replying to clark.hall:
By Chipette
21st Mar 2018 13:49

Thanks this is how I would treat it too. I will give my software provider a call to see whether I am doing anything incorrectly.

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