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Frustrations trying to call HMRC

Frustrations trying to call HMRC

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Possibly as much of moan as a question but we are receiving several letters from HMRC demanding paye for clients. Checking both our accounting records and HMRC online account we can see they owe nothing but trying to speak to hmrc to resolve is taking such an effort. Stage one involves trying to get through the automated service which is a task in itself trying to explain to voice recognition the reason for calling, then getting through the voice recognition security questions and then if lucky spend no more than 20 minutes in the queque to speak to someone to provide the same security answers again and resolve the issue. Its feasibly not possibly to run an accountancy business and spend 3 hours of your day on the phone to make six calls to resolve minor tasks. If we write to HMRC letters arrive  threatening court action from the debt management unit or private debt collection company before the letter is reviewed due to 3 months wait on post being dealt with. Samer applies to corporation tax and vat calls. Just wondering how everyone else deals with this issue. (thankfully the self assessment agent priority helpline is much better).

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By Payrollgal
02nd Jul 2019 16:14

I only ever talk to them using their online chat service. Firstly, it means that I can save a copy of the chat as I am so frequently told the wrong thing!
Secondly, I can carry on with my work while I am waiting to connect and just check back at the screen every now and then.

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Replying to Payrollgal:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
02nd Jul 2019 17:00

This is what we’ve started doing.

Added bonus is that we can send a screen grab to the client as a “see, it’s them not us” thing.

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By airgeadagam
02nd Jul 2019 16:16

"3 hours of your day on the phone to make six calls to resolve minor tasks"

If there's no rush I'd write a letter with 6 questions one one piece of paper or write 6 letters and pop them in one envelope.
Shouldn't take more than half an hour. Then you've got a written record of your questions and HMRC are duty-bound to respond.
You can sit back, relax and do the same the next day for your next batch of questions.

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By bernard michael
03rd Jul 2019 09:49

Ignore the PAYE ones they're rubbish.If you are happy the client owes nothing that's should be enough for you

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