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Ftax - was difficult now much better. Give it a try.

Ftax - was difficult now much better. Give it...

I'm a happy user of Ftax for years, but I suspect not for much longer.

I seem to have to log on everytime I use it rather than just downloading the software once and then getting on with it.

Big disappountment.       UPDATE   Still using Ftax and the problem has been resolved so I have changed the question title accordingly


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25th May 2012 11:43

Wont be using them again

I have had the same issues and wont be using FTax again - I chose them based on price (and you get what you pay for) and when I calculated the amount of hours wasted trying to submit - i have concluded that it would be better to pay more for better software.

Which software I will go with I don't know.

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25th May 2012 11:47

When it works it's great

Again, I've used them going on price and when submitting returns works you really feel like you have value for money.

When it doesn't work - CT600's seem to be a problem for me - the stress and time it takes to resolve it have forced me to just bite the bullet and buy taxcalc. Great interface, easy to use and works everytime (thus far). Now my client base is growing I can justify the cost - a couple of months a go however and I would have stuck with wasting hours with ftax. You have to ask what's value for money and what can you afford.

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By alattax
25th May 2012 13:19

D C Software is similarly priced but has a much easier interface, straightforward data entry and immediate calculation.

This is their first year for SA100 and second (I think ) for SA800.  Having downloaded the trial I've switched this year having found Ftax more and more tedious to use over recent years.



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25th May 2012 13:46

Should have gone to Specsavers...

...I mean Taxcalc

Easy peasy ;o)

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25th May 2012 15:05

we used to use Ftax and whilst cheap you do waste a lot of time compared to other packages.


we now use taxcalc and its a dream compared to Ftax - never had any problems at all with it.


worst thing about Ftax was the support - truely shocking!

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18th Jun 2012 09:34

Ftax Support


Hello, Richard from Ftax here

GeeBee, you don't say what the difficulty was - but I suspect it may concern our new credit system.

This requires a one time setup to allow the simple Ftax forms to operate as they always have done. The setup usually pops up automatically, but if it doesn't please do the following:

1/ Click the '?' in a red ball on the front page of each Ftax form, and select the bottom option.

2/ Enter your Ftax Account username and password, tick the 'save' box, and Login.

3/ When you enter the UTR on the front of the form the credits will now be automatically managed for you.

This credit system has been introduced to enable low volume/ low price Ftax options to be sold. This is proving very popular with tax agents.


Ftax offers 24 hour email support - so if you have any problems not dealt with in the FAQs please email. We usually reply within the hour. You can also phone during office hours.




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By GeeBee
to paul.giles3
22nd Jun 2012 17:33



I'm happy to believe that the 3 stage process is supposed to work, but it doesn't.

As an example:

I have a client return open in front of me.

I have done stages 1 and 2 that you mention above.

I enter the UTR and click Calculate.

I now have a Java Script Window telling me "A UTR with a valid Credit Code has not been entered", and it has deleted the UTR.

I also have an Ftax message asking if I want to allocate a credit to the client, so I click Yes

I now get another Ftax message saying that "No UTR Received" which of course is correct because the Javascript message deleted it.

So I'm back at he beginning again just going round in a circle..

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By Hev
27th Jun 2012 11:43



Hi GeeBee

Once you have agreed to use a credit if the UTR get wiped out Re-enter your UTR number and press enter and the click on Calculate.

This should solve your problem but if it doesn't you might find it better to contact Ftax direct 01793 306013 and I will be more thank happy to help you.

Or email our 24 hour support email [email protected]

Kindest regards



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to Brunel
12th Jan 2014 14:12

Useful Ftax Tips

I think Ftax is a terrific value for money software, ideal for any small practice. btw I've no connection with Ftax, other than we've used it for the past three years.

Allow me to share some useful ropes to pull that should remove any frustrations:

1. The 2012 packages are sold in modular form - although you can still buy Agent Packages if you want unlimited use. We switched from our 2011 Agent Package and bought separate 2012 bundles of SA100, SA800 and CT600 returns, which cost us a bit less than last year. If we should need any more, we can just buy a further bundle. Click "Buy Ftax" and "Buy Agent Editions" on the Ftax site for packages and bundle prices.

2. You still download a pdf version of each of the bundles you buy, same as previous years, and download updated copies any time you like. That means you have a permanent copy of both the master program and your clients' tax returns stored on your hard drive. In case anyone has gained the impression that the software has switched to "cloud", it hasn't. I start each tax return by opening up a tax return's master pdf program from my hard disk, same as in previous years.  

3. The "credit" system works just the same as last year - you create a log-in account and simply use up one of your credits each time you produce a tax return. If you want, you can use the "Client Manager" dashboard to record your clients' details - it's optional. Either way, your log-in account keeps score of your remaining credits.

4. There's something new on this year's price menu called "Agent Records", which are optional. I didn't buy into those - which doesn't prevent my being able to access and record client details in my "Client Manager" dashboard. I'm guessing they're bells and whistles.

5. Purchasing SA100 & SA800s for 2012 allows you, as you would expect, to produce individuals' or partnership tax returns for the 2011/12 fiscal year. That applies even if you are submitting a late 2012 return, post January 2013. In a similar vein, a 2012 package allows you to submit late SA100s (and presumably SA800s) for earlier years (2010/11 and earlier).

6. The CT600s are a different kettle of fish, as you are actually buying a time licence that will submit accounts regardless of their Accounting Period date up until the tax year end (Help-line says until 5th April 2013, although I suppose that might be 1st April for CT600s). So your 2011/12 CT600 package would allow you to submit accounts for say y/e 30 April 2012 or even y/e 31 December 2012 (even though both dates end in the 2012/13 tax year) PROVIDED you file them before 5th April 2013; conversely, after 5th April 2013 it would be no good trying to file a CT600 for (say) y/e 31st March 2012 (even though it does end in 2011/12) - for that you'd need to buy a CT600 licence for 2012/13. Once you get your head around that, all is tickety-boo.

7. On the website, under "Buy Ftax" and "Free Products" you'll find a downloadable "Ftax Price Freeze Certificate" which quotes up front prices for the next three years. Download it to your account, and you get to buy at this year's prices for the next three years. Furthermore, Ftax always offer a 15% renewal dicount to existing customers who renew in April. If you've missed the boat or are a new customer, use the code PV10 for a 10% discount (worked today for me).

8. Finally, the service and sales department only operates by phone between 9am and 3pm Mon-Fri. Tip: use the option for Support rather than Sales, as they both go through to the same phone(s) but Sales often times out.

I must admit we haven't tried the Ftax IXBRL - but we've had no problems attaching third-party IXBRL files to Ftax.

For you chaps who have had glitch problems, an email to Ftax will do the trick. I just emailed to say long CT600s weren't downloading properly and had an email back within the hour to say the glitch was now fixed. So much better than explaining the matter in Filipino.




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06th Aug 2012 15:27

Also finding it frustrating this year

During the Olympics having trouble staying on the internet at times - and we're not due to be upgraded for broadband capacity in my area for some time yet. And because of the checks for credits being on entering UTR rather than the old system of on submission (which was fine as you can usually wait to submit for your connection to come back on) it's very frustrating not being able to create new clients and calculate them. I realise there have to be safeguards against people using the programme and then submitting a paper return copied out or using the free Revenue software but as that's very time consuming and the minimum number of credits for a practice has massively increased I can't see that being a massive loss to Ftax. Isn't there another way to stop the software being so cumbersome to use?

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By Ftax
to SteveOH
21st Aug 2012 13:48

Ftax upgrades

Hello Frustrated Accountant :-)

All of the Ftax forms have been upgraded recently and the credit system now appears to be working smoothly. First time, you will be prompted to enter your Ftax Account username and password, but from then on everything will be transparent.

But I hear what you are saying - you wish to commence an Ftax form without allocating a credit. We will look into developing a simple way to make this possible.

Please keep the feedback coming as we do listen and do respond. We aim to make our customers happy :-)


P.S. Have you downloaded the 'Ftax 3 Year Price Freeze Certificate'. Ftax is the only online filing service that guarantees its prices to stay low.





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By Ftax
21st Aug 2012 14:11

Ftax upgrades

Hi, I'm back,

I've just checked and all Ftax forms can be completed WITHOUT entering the UTR (on the CT600 you will have to scroll down). So you are able to get on and complete tax returns before a credit is allocated.

But remember to add the correct UTR before submitting.





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24th Sep 2012 16:10


Finding delays in obtaining IR mark this year. Very frustrating having to wait longer than in previous years for their server to come back, it used to be almost instant.

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By Ftax
08th Oct 2012 10:39

The 'almost instant' Ftax service



This problem has already been resolved. Ftax is once again 'almost instant' :-)

Direct feedback is always appreciated to help us to ensure the low cost Ftax service is running smoothly at all times.





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By Monsoon
29th Oct 2012 10:56

Teething problems happily resolved

Ftax seemed to have a few issues earlier in the year when the new 2011-12 form was rolled out and yes, it was annoying at the time.

However, their customer support was brilliant as usual, and those issues are now in the past. The form is working just fine, and we are happy Ftax users once again.

I've used Ftax since about 2006 and can honestly say they are a great company to deal with. It may not be as all-singing-all-dancing as some of the more expensive products - but that's why Ftax is priced how it is, and the others are priced higher. It's good value for money.



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07th Apr 2014 21:33

I have to be honest I wonder why people use Ftax.  I tried it and you don't get much more than using HMRC for free!  Its pdf based which is ancient in software terms.


Taxcalc is similar price but they are WORLDS APART.  I would pay 3 times more for Taxcalc, it's essentially like Iris but far cheaper.


I'm by no way a rep but am a small practice and have been so happy with finding taxcalc.


It also offers a free practice man. which I use as my main client database suite and integrates with accounts (which I have left VT for and am very happy with having my accounts all saved in the software database rather than lots of spreadsheet files). It also lets you do 64-8's online straight from the software, has a task management facility to create recurring jobs and stages, plus mail merge!


The accounts are a god send aswell. Just like Iris but with auto error reports EG it tells you if you haven't put an accountant's date in, or if you haven't put a depreciation policy note etc.  You then just click on the error and go straight there...


Honestly try the free demo, and I'll be amazed if you go back to ftax.


Ummm 'pdf'???

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