Fund Accounting - what do I need to know?

Reading through job specs of vacancies on the market (London-based)

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Hi All,

Wondering if there's an accountant amongst the AWeb community who can summarise what skills I need to ensure I have, or recommend any resources which will assist me in ensuring I'm up-to-speed on fund accounting.

Most of the roles requiring an accountant with fund accounting capabilities come from PE firms, or similar of course.

Thanks in advance!

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By FactChecker
12th Jun 2024 19:58

Type 'fund accounting' into Google ... and you'll have a happy evening or two of reading to look forward to.
You weren't expecting an 'everything you need to know in 20 words' answer, were you?

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By Matrix
12th Jun 2024 20:21

I am not a fund accountant but I have dealt with them. I assume you have looked up NAV reporting. I expect the skills would be the usual financial analysis/reporting but also the ability to take the initiative and to explain financial concepts to non-finance colleagues, fund managers, the board etc. You may be required to work long hours if daily NAV reports are required.

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By Bobbo
13th Jun 2024 09:12

Just make sure you aren't looking at a job spec for a charity - because that's a whole different world of fund accounting!

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Replying to Bobbo:
By FactChecker
13th Jun 2024 11:42

Spoilsport! ... but that's why I suggested the Google route (to open OP's eyes to the lack of clarity in their question).

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