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Furlough Calc check

Am i getting this right?

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I have a client who has two staff – directors – and their business (domestic and commercial cleaning) fell off a cliff when this hit. And of the two the husband has been Furloughed as he still has some work he can do in his other unrelated business. The issue I can’t get my head around is wages. The wife still looks after the clients who are open and they are allowed into. They have always historically drawn wages (not dividends as there is a 3rd director shareholder who does not get involved day to day) and these wages have always been £2k net per month so the gross amount varies as they go through the year and tax/NI bands are used (directors method)

However in December they both stopped drawing a wage as they may have exceeded the £50k limit this year on all income (they have other biz interests and property) with a view to restart drawing salary in April. All agreed and documented at the time

Is he entitled to make a claim, looking at the rules I think as their wage varies he can claim the higher of the same month last year or an average of the 2019-20 earnings. His April 2019 pay was some £2.4k and the 2019-20 average was lower as no pay since December – I am happy to claim this but it has dawned on me that maybe, just maybe because they had no salary drawn in Jan Feb HMRC will say “not allowed”

Do others have any thoughts ? And what if he only took one salary a year processed in month 12 at £8.6k ? (I have one client in that position – do they get anything – and they have definitely been furloughed as a beauty therapist there is no way she can work!)

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