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Furlough Claim for the notice period

Can I make furlough claim for the notice period when employees are made redundant

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We are currently in the process of making staff redundant and the question is.

Can I make furlough claim for the notice period when furloughed employees are made redundant using Coronavirus Job retention Scheme (CJRS).

e.g employee who was furloughed in April is made redundant on 1 July and placed on gardening leave for 3 months. We can make a furlough claim for redundancy payment but we can make a claim for gardening leave?



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By Prestige Bookkeeping
17th Jun 2020 12:55

Any help will be highly appreciated

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By tltodman
18th Jun 2020 12:16

This is a complex area. I was looking at it earlier in the week.
My understanding is that furloughed employees can continue to be furloughed while they serve their contractual and/or statutory notice period and you can claim the grant for this. As I understand it, you cannot claim grant for redundancy payments and you cannot claim it for payments in lieu of notice.

Presumably if they continue to be furloughed for the 3 months then they are not taking gardening leave as they weren't working anyway they are just furloughed until their employment ends. In which case, yes, you can continue to claim the grant during that time.

What is unclear, if you are not topping up furlough pay, is whether you can pay the notice period at the reduced/80% rate or you have to top up to contractual pay. It appears to vary on circumstances.

I am going to be calling the ACAS or FSB helplines for advice

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