furlough claim reducing from September

On payslips should furlough be shown as 70% with employer topping up remaining 10% from 1st Sept

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Just a quick question please.  As we're all aware the amount the employer can claim for furlough is reducing to 70% from 1st September with employer topping up to 80%.  Does the 70% and 10% need to be shown separately on the payslip, or can the whole 80% be shown as furlough as normal, even though the employer can only claim 70% (or 7/8ths) back.  I think it should be shown separately, but colleagues disagree.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks

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Duane Jackson
By DuaneJAckson
02nd Sep 2020 13:47

I don't think there is a way it has to be done. So purely down to your own preference.

I'd argue it would make sense to have it as two seperate lines on the assumption that you'd want it posted to seperate codes when the payroll software speaks to your accounting software and/or for calculating the claim

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By Barbara G
02nd Sep 2020 14:51

Thanks. Yes, I'm going to go with keep it as one entry. I was confusing the term "furlough" It's still furlough pay at 80% to which the employer has to contribute. The 10% contribution is still furlough. I think us payroll processors are just getting tired and brain dead with all this JRS stuff. Roll on November.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
02nd Sep 2020 14:53

I will be leaving my payslip heading the same - (I think I say furlough pay), as that is what the employee gets.

What I manage to claim back is not relevant to the employee.

You can bet you will hear stories of employees being paid 70% then 60% though..

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By Wanderer
02nd Sep 2020 15:08

There's nothing absolute about this but IMO it's Furlough pay.

The arrangement between the employer and employee is one of Furlough. The pay is whatever they have agreed between them.

The 80%/70%/60% is a separate arrangement under the CJRS between the employer and HMG.

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By lionofludesch
02nd Sep 2020 15:16

I agree that the whole 80% is furlough pay.

On the other hand, it's nice to have a note of the amounts reclaimable in your payroll records.

There are no rules, as far as I know, so do what you fancy.

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By Chris.Mann
02nd Sep 2020 16:04

Perhaps, we'll be given some guidance, by HM Treasury?

No doubt.......................................on Friday evening, after 7.30PM?

Il devient cynique dans ses vieux jours.

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Replying to Chris.Mann:
By paulhammett
03rd Sep 2020 21:52


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