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Furlough employee on long term SSP

Change status of an employee on long term SSP

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My client has an employee who has been on sick leave since 01/02/2020, nothing to do with covid-19 but the individual wouln't have been expected to return to work before 30/04/2020 and maybe not even then and is currently on SSP.

In the current crisis the employer has no work and have furloughed all other employees from 23/03/2020, paying them 80% of salary. Can they "un-sick" the employee and furlough them intstead, this would be beneficial for both employer and employee alike.

Apologies for posting this as anonymous


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By Anonymous.
26th Mar 2020 21:02

You might want to clarify any non-financial (HR/employment law) issues first.

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By jcace
27th Mar 2020 01:30

Per the latest expanded guidance: "Employees on sick leave or self-isolating should get Statutory Sick Pay, but can be furloughed after this."
And elsewhere:
"Government will retain the right to retrospectively audit all aspects of the scheme with scope to claw back fraudulent or erroneous claims."

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By Lauren.Hawkes
27th Mar 2020 10:17

Surely you can't 'unsick' someone!? Legally and morally you would at least need to wait until their current sick note ran out!

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