Going beyond September

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On Monday I commented, with cynicism, that the new template provided by HMRC may well be that they knowsomething we don't come September. And todays's lunchtime comment by Gove. "Michael Gove has said the governent is "open minded" about extending the Furlough scheme, raising the prospect it could run for longer than September. Asked about the possibility that the CJRS scheme could be rolled over the cabinet minister told Radio Scotland "We are open minded yes".

I rest my case - they know these things well in advance. Surely by now they should have been parroting that the scheme is coming to an end.



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By Paul Crowley
03rd Jun 2021 14:03

Does not need extending
If no need for employee for 18 months, there is no job to protect.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
Keep Calm, I'm and Accountant!
By i-accounts
04th Jun 2021 16:42

There are a lot of businesses that are still unable to trade at full capacity and therefore cannot reinstate all of their staff, once they can trade normally again then the jobs will be there for the still furloughed staff so yes, there are still a great many jobs to protect especially in the leisure and hospitality industry!

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By legerman
03rd Jun 2021 14:12

Unless things change dramatically, I don't see the need. Covid numbers are well down and the Indian variant is being kept at bay in those already vaccinated.

If they do extend it then it should only be to those industries where employees are really affected, such as live performances, nightclubs etc.

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By Duggimon
03rd Jun 2021 14:35

They're keeping an open mind because they don't want to guess if the new variant will outrace the vaccinations or not. If it doesn't and we carry on reopening it will end, if we have to stop opening or go back to a higher level lockdown, they'll keep furloughing. They're not announcing it's over because they don't know, nor are they announcing it's extending, for the same reasons.

Why is the immediate reaction to think the comment means anything other than what it says?

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By Hugo Fair
03rd Jun 2021 14:45

This is selective quoting from, I presume the BBC report, which goes on to say that the proposal to extend the furloughing duration comes from the wee Krankie.
And the context is a meeting called by Boris for the leaders of the four nations ... so will (as always) end up being a political decision - despite Duggimon's eminently sensible comments.

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By colinhigginson
03rd Jun 2021 15:52

People second guessing this government :-)

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
03rd Jun 2021 16:29

Given no.10 is more interested in the next2 weeks than the next 12 months I would suggest its a racing certainty to see it extended given we seem to be repeating the same mistakes, encourage people to mix and travel abroad, large number of whom have not even had one jab, let alone the two needed to help against the new variant.

I dont get my 2nd one for nearly a month, my no.2 has not had the first one yet.

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By bluebaron
03rd Jun 2021 16:49

This is getting ridiculous now, it shouldn't even be continuing to September. If -and I appreciate it's still if- the easing of restrictions happens on 21st June, then furlough should be ending on 30th June.

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By Barbara G
03rd Jun 2021 19:36

With all my heart I hope they don't extend it, it would tip us payroll processors over the edge. I'm just longing for a day off.

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