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Furlough - holiday pay and Sick pay

Min 3 weeks and returning to work

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I understand employees can take holiday whilst on furlough and this should be paid at 100% with the employer being able to obtain 80% from gov't for this period also. I assume this means that an employee who is furloughed for three weeks, could have two weeks as furlough and one week as holiday? I was previously under the impression that if one were having a week off as holiday this would not include the furlough period so they would end up having four weeks off but I think the latest updated confirms this is not the case?

Also, if a furloughed employee who is due to return to work now has to self isolate, they can stay on furlough for an extra three weeks rather than having to be on SSP? 

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By Homeworker
27th Apr 2020 10:39

I have a client with one member of staff who had to self-isolate before furlough started. Wanted to claim sick pay from day one for that period but we couldn't work out how to do it using Moneysoft payroll. Their support team have all gone into furlough and are not answering questions! Can anyone help?

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