Furlough pay for new staff

Are employers with new staff who started in March 2020 entitled to the 80% furlough relief

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Hi, I have a client that has taken on a new salaried member of staff  a week ago and because  work is drying up they are thinking about putting them on a furlough period and claiming under the Coronavuros Job Retention Scheme. They however are under the impression that they will not eligible for this. I have heard a few other clients mention that any support will be based on February wages but I cannot find any information to confirm this. Does anyone know if this is correct? I have tried my best to scour the interenet for the answer but cannot find anything on this. Im guessing that the answer will be "we are still waiting for clarification" just like everything else at the moment but though someone on here may be able to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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By Wisey
26th Mar 2020 13:42

No one actually knows for certain re the Feb salary as the bnaseline, however it does only apply to those in employment at 28 February, that was I believe in the initial announcement so your client may not be able to furlough the new employee. But we await the guidance from on high.

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