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furlough pension calculation

Calculation of furlough pension for pay reference period spanning June/July

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How would you calculate the furlough penson contribution for pay reference period spanning June and July.  For example, pay period 20th June to 19th July.  No top up, 80% furlough only, employee on furlough for the entire period.  Software calculates the pension contribution for the entire period.  Am I correct to assume I can divide the pension contribution calculated for the whole period, divide by the number of days in the pay period and multiply by the number of days in the pay period which fall in June for the June partial furlough claim, and likewise for the July partial claim?  Seems most logical to me but the many pages of guidance issued on 12th June doesn't seem to cover what should be a simple scenario.

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By Tanya Cornell
29th Jun 2020 22:35

I would do the same. Don’t forget to use the calendar days when prorating though! :-)

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By neiltonks
30th Jun 2020 07:57

Yep, apportion by the number of calendar days in each period. That's what the guidance says in the case of a pay period which is partly in July and partly in August, so the same principle will apply here too.

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