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Furlough, Weekly/ Monthly different start dates

Furlough, Weekly/ Monthly different start dates

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I have prepared all my clients calculations and am now ready to submit via the portal.  However, if under the same PAYE scheme,  a client furloughed weekly staff on the 20th March, but the monthly staff were not furloughed until 01st April as an example, will the system not throw out the amounts claimed if it tries to work it out basing them all on starting their furlough time as the 20th March?  As my understanding is they are all grouped under the one claim.


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By Carol at TRC
23rd Apr 2020 12:40

One claim per employer it seems based on same start of claim date for all employees regardless of whether they are weekly or monthly paid employees if I am reading the HMRC portal correctly

You must tell us about all employees who are furloughed in the claim period. This should include furloughed employees who are paid weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. You will not be able to make another claim for the same claim period.

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