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Furloughed Claim Fee

Claim Fee

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Any idea on how to price the JRS Online claim?  

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By Truthsayer
21st Apr 2020 11:32

I suggest don't price it at all. My view is that for existing small clients, it is only a few minutes work, and should be considered part of doing the payroll. For new clients, my view is it should not be separately priced, but should be included in an overall quote for doing payroll for a year.

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Replying to Truthsayer:
By arthvirg230
21st Apr 2020 11:38

all depends on size of client - few minutes work ? - you're joking - had one that had 25 staff - only went through on 3rd attempt 1.5 hours of my life wasted and much swearing....

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Replying to arthvirg230:
By Crouchy
21st Apr 2020 12:00


10- 15 minutes for a one employee claim

just done a 10 employee claim and took an hour

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By mbee1
21st Apr 2020 13:07

I've done a few now and none taken me more than a few minutes. For once, HMRC seem to have this right. Pity the calculator doesn't work for top up pay though.
I haven't charged. Most of my payrolls are small and "we're all in this together" so I'm not out to make money out of them.

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