Furloughed pay, zero hours contracted staff

Furloughed pay zero-hours contracts

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Sorry if I'm asking an obvious question, since I'm now struggling to see the wood from the trees.

For a client's variable/zero hours staff I have calculated the relevant sums based on the criteria.


However, when it comes to paying them this week 52 (weekly payroll) I have a specific question. Should I pay these staff based on the monthly February payroll?

What if my client says "David/Davina wouldn't have worked this week. Why do they have furloughed pay?"

Therefore, should they be paid this week or for any of the furloughed period?



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By jcace
29th Mar 2020 22:14

You should confirm with the client whether David and Davina have been furloughed yet - if they have, I would have thought that the average will take into account those weeks when nothing was earned as well as those when work was done, so that the result is fair when spread across all weeks of the furlough period.

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