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Furnished Holiday Letting for part period

Is there any time apportionment?

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I have a client with a second home, used as a holiday let for 15 years, then 5 years privately only.

On the face of it, CGT will be 28% on the whole gain as they dont meet the critera for ER.

Am I missing any time apportionment clause for the 3/4 of the period it was a holiday letting? I cant find any way of doing that.

Moreover on a wider question, if the trade was restarted so as to meet the FHL & ER rules, what legislation stops the claim for the WHOLE period?  Ie including the past 5 years when it was merely a second home?  Id assume we would need to do some sort of a/(a+b) comp for the business element but not sure if my brain is already on the weekend. 

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By The Dullard
08th Nov 2019 10:48

FHL for 2 years prior to disposal. Whole gain qualifies for ER.
Not an FHL for 2 years prior to disposal. None of the gain qualifies for ER.

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