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Further FBI problems - does anyone else share them?

Further FBI problems - does anyone else share...

Have you met this one

I today went to lodge my clients 2005 tax return via FBI

It was rejected because ...

it had already been sent in via FBI in OCT.

ON investigation the Utr for my client on the revenue computer-contained the details of a completey different person.

What a shambles -is this common?



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By Anonymous
21st Jan 2006 21:14

missing tax return
I filed a partnership return on line last August. Last week my client rang to say they had received a reminder for the return. They had also rung the tax office who said it had not been filed.
I rang the FBI helpline, who assured me they could see the return and I should ring the tax office again and tell them to ring the FBI people who would put it right. (just what I need to be doing in January).
I rang the tax office. They had to send a message because of course no one on the help desk could do something like that. A few days later, local tax office rang back to say fbi people could no longer see the return (are you still with me?) I rang the FBI people again and sure enough, there was now no trace of the tax return on their computer. They told me to resend it on line.
But of course my software wouldn't let me do that because it knows I have already sent it on line, so after everything I had to send in a copy by post (along with a copy of my e-mail notification that it was filed on line last August).
Has anyone else had anything like this happen? It makes a nonsense of the whole system.

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By Anonymous
19th Jan 2006 22:16

No problems
Thankfully I have had no such problems...yet! I have filed a substantial number of Returns now using PTP's FBI software.

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19th Jan 2006 16:50

Not this particular problem...
Well, I haven't come across this particular problem and we have FBI'd a large no. of Returns.

That's not to say there haven't been many other varied difficulties from clients having the wrong mix of foreign income and capital gains to duplicate UTRs existing and of course the age-old "authentication failure" usually due the the Revenue having lost the 64-8!

I'm somewhat sceptical that we will ever get to the point where all returns will be filed on line!

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