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Future qualifications after ATT?

Future qualifications after ATT?


I'm currently studying ATT and I'd just like to know what other people suggest I do afterwards.
I'm working in practice at the minute, and I'm 19 years old.
People have mentioned ACCA, and having some exemptions there from ATT, others have said CTA.

I'd love other people's experiences and where they've gone with their career.
I do not have AAT. I started as a trainee in the tax department and was given the opportunity to do my ATT so I took it.

Thanks a lot,

Tash :)


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25th Jun 2012 12:20


If you intend to stay within smaller practice, and have no desire to get involved in Audit, I would suggest that you capitalise on your tax qualification and complete the CTA.

Doubtless the ACA and ACCA have excellent reputations, however, having completed ACA and then CTA I found that there is little practical use for my ACA qualification except to band it around to Clients who know the difference between "Chartered" or not. It seemed to focus mainly on IFRS, Audits and generally Mid-Large Company issues.

It really depends where you want to go.



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