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Garden Office Pros and cons

Garden Office Pros and cons


I have been working for myself from home and was thinking about building a Garden Office and was wondering if i could claim Capital Allowances!

I live in a rented house, and intend to live here for 2 years before buying one, the Office budget is under £6,000 and i intend to make it so that i can take it when i move.

Are there any issues with this, or any alternative suggestions other than renting office space which would reduce my working flexibility (i have a son and often work while he's entertaining himself)



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16th May 2012 12:51

property and fittings and work done:

clearly as you are renting the garden flat your office will be in the garden?

assuming you have the landlords  consent to spend money on his garden and BUILD AN OFFICE OUTSIDE IN THE GARDEN which is not a temporaray prefabricated structure you need to look at /categorise your building costs carefully.

the latest "buzword" for capital allowances on property is "integral features" most of the fittings will be integral features and only eligible for 10% ca's except for anything thats "a system" such as a heating system; suspended ceiling, etc.

which are only available at 10%.

there used to be more rerstrictions and the best guide for items eligible for AIAs pertaining to a property are listed in the s21-23 chapter 3 of capital allowances act 2001(in list A or list c-but not in list b)


so seperate out a) work done by buiders and b)the cost of fittings attached and installed by builders

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16th May 2012 12:54

Thats great thanks for your help.  

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