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Gateway VAT filing

why does one have to return later to print receipts etc

Didn't find your answer?

filed a couple of returns - and again this quarter can not print receipt or returns from the site

seems, like they are now- at a minimum- in a  overnight batch upload mode scenario

what a waste of time - but must go back tomorrow to ensure it has been received !!!!  At least taken a screen shot of  the reurn as pending

is there a better way?


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By Wanderer
14th Aug 2018 11:35

I've had no problems.

Just wait a minute or two for the screen refresh and they have been there.

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By memyself-eye
14th Aug 2018 13:51

No problem here either - click to save the return then print it from the printer icon at the bottom of the screen

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By kiwilondon99
14th Aug 2018 15:17

thanks both
Have logged back in now, and printed out the requirements
Sure I had the same issue last quarter upon filing. ! ? hey ho

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By Matrix
14th Aug 2018 15:26

Don't you get email confirmations?

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By lionofludesch
14th Aug 2018 16:51

I take it we're talking about HMRC's own VAT system ?

Filed one yesterday, it's available to print off, complete with date of submission, within seconds.

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