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Hi, looking to get ready. Only a small business.

has anyone done any online courses that they would recommend?


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By Matrix
07th Mar 2018 07:28

The Brightpay webinar was good. The ICAEW one was a firm selling very expensive monthly services and not geared to the small practice at all.

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By Paul Scholes
07th Mar 2018 07:50
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By pauljohnston
08th Mar 2018 11:13

2020 ran a very good couse and also a webinar

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08th Mar 2018 11:20

I agree that Brightpay the payroll software provider was excellent. Although you may not use there software they would probably send you the transcript. I found it a bit boring - not their fault. The whole issue is deadly. You can probably sign up for a webinar which is about 40 minutes.
It is geared for small business and is not sales based.

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Replying to NYB:
By lionofludesch
12th Mar 2018 18:06

NYB wrote:
I found it a bit boring - not their fault. The whole issue is deadly.

Jaysus ! People from Northern Ireland will be flocking to these webinars now. Mrs Lion has already asked if she can go.

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By ScribbleD
12th Mar 2018 17:00

BrightPay ran an excellent webinar on GDPR recently. I'm fairly sure I booked a place on their website and it was completely free of charge. Every little helps!

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By Counting numbers
14th Mar 2018 18:21

I agree the Brightpay webinar on GDPR was good. I particularly liked the Q&A section because they were able to answer quite a few questions I had. They may run another one soon as it's a hot topic at the moment.

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