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Sage accounts

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i am sure this has already been asked but I can’t find where.

out business has been running in excess of 15 years and have been using sage all that time so we have a lot of customer record some old some new

now the older ones that are in excess of 7 years with no transactions and are no longer a client- which we do not contact

how would I delete their records from sage? I have tried in the past but had not luck as they is transactions in the account.

or could we delete names and addresses but just keep the order number aslong as we have no personal data held?

We are currently using sage cloud 



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Image PN
By Mr Hankey
06th May 2018 14:37

oh no you had not luck with it duno actually sorry bout that maybe try internet or something with that thing like? thanks


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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
06th May 2018 16:29

You can delete old transactions by using the Clear Audit Trail option.

Remember to do a back up first in case it doesn't work as you expected.

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By JKnight
06th May 2018 16:35

If you are using Sage 50 Accounts you can use the clear audit trail option, which will remove old transactions and allow you to delete old customer (and supplier) accounts.

Edit: too slow!

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By Moonbeam
07th May 2018 20:31

I suspect the reason you haven't managed to delete anything in the past may be due to not running the year end routine, or not reconciling the VAT return, not matching payments/receipts on the supplier/customer accounts.
How good has your data entry been? I suggest you ask help from your accountant.

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