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GDPR Data Map

What does a data map look like? Do we map the practice or individual clients

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I am trying to get my head around the data map requirement under GDPR, but rally haven’t a clue what I need to do.  Is data mapped on a per client basis or for the practice. 

I suspect software will be ned for this, has anyone found any suitable software for GDPR?

Would be interested to hear of others progress/experience with GDPR

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By mg200
01st Mar 2018 15:16

I thought it was a case of mapping out where all your data is stored, so that you can ensure you have various security around the collection and storage of that data.

So you may have such things as TaxCalc, Moneysoft, Email Server, Bookkeeping software etc?

I may be wrong as I am just starting my own process.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
04th Mar 2018 17:48

It is about identifying where your data is and how it is processed/handled. There is quite nice document online about this

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By prolison
09th Mar 2018 14:46

Data mapping is a key task in the preparation for GDPR and will help: - identify the Personal Data being handled by an organisation; how it flows, and is stored, within existing processes; and if it is shared with third parties. Once completed, the map will highlight the GDPR issues that need to be dealt with such as: - why the data is held (lawful basis); what is processed (minimisation); how is stored (integrity and storage limitation); as well as the identification of the risks associated with the data.
Here is a simple visual example -

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