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GDPR effect on marketing accounting services

GDPR direct marketing

I'm currently putting together my marketing plan for my firm, and plan to deploy a variety of methods of seeking new work. 

Part of my bag of tricks would have been direct emailing, using contact details freely available within the public domain e.g. contact addresses published on chamber websites etc. However, I'm now realising that it may be best to steer clear of such marketing due to the looming GDPR regulations and the restrictions on opt-out marketing.

Has anybody else given any consideration to whether GDPR will restrict their marketing activities?


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20th Nov 2017 11:39

It’s certainly going to affect marketing activities. As far as I am aware (and I’ve been trying to get my head around it too), you can’t start collecting emails by grabbing them from websites. Customers or potential customers need to actively subscribe to your mailing list and in addition to that, you need to able to prove that they did so.

It’s going to have a very big impact on many companies' databases. It just seems like a real pain in the a***.

Reading material for today on GDPR is -

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