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How many copies?

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Can anyone confirm if we will have to send 2 full copies to clients, one to sign and return and one to keep or can we send one copy and a document confirming receipt for them to sign  and return (I hope it's the latter)

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
17th May 2018 07:55

What’s the issue?

Email them 1 document & ask for them to sign & return. Then you’ve both got a copy.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
17th May 2018 09:34

What do you normally do?

or do you not normally have engagement letters?

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By moboffsol
17th May 2018 10:11

I have just recently set up my own practice.
Pardon me for bothering you!

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17th May 2018 11:05

We have used ICEAW template which is just amendment to full engagement letter and is one copy posted to client for them to sign and return back to us. Hope this helps

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Replying to BMT:
By Mitch
17th May 2018 12:58

The ATT have only produced a full engagement letter and not told us if this needs to be sent to all existing clients. Where can I get a copy of the template which is just an amendment to the the full engagement letter?

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By Gone Sailing
23rd May 2018 12:26

Why can't clients reply with their agreement by email, as with engagement letters previously.

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