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I assumed it would end

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Not really a tax or accountancy question, but am I the only one who thought that SPAM would reduce after 25 May, only to find there's more than ever, with constant "Are you sure" and "Please opt in" etc. emails coming in.

Seems to me this is a workaround - they aren't actually marketing anything, whilst at the same time, digging themselves under your skin.

Starting to annoy the hell out of me more than old fashioned SPAM did.


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30th May 2018 21:59

Reduce, yes. End no.

Do you really think that everybody out there has both heard of GDPR and actually done something about it?

Just like cold callers who have never heard of the TPS, they will be astonished if you tell them.

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to Cloudcounter
30th May 2018 22:08

Except - all of the new SPAM comes citing GDPR as a reason for being :(

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By Selaen
31st May 2018 08:49

If they're still sending stuff supposedly due to GDPR, surely that makes them already in breach? They should've got their act together in the two years they had..

Most mine stopped on the 25th, but I still get fantastic offers on how to extend my member, and hundreds of ladies yearning for my company. Other than that, my inbox is nice and quiet!

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04th Jun 2018 13:05

It’s hilarious! They email regarding GDPR and the change in legislation yet they don’t have an option to unsubscribe. The deadline has only just passed so it will take time to calm down. It's highly likely that some companies only thought about it on the 25th May. I had 20+ GDPR emails that day alone. Crazy!

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05th Jun 2018 13:58

I'm still waiting to see a reduction in spam email. I won't be holding my breath.

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19th Jun 2018 14:34

They have reduced - I no longer get emails telling me that GDPR is on its way.

Even though I didn't opt in to anything I'm still getting all my old favourites from pre-GDPR days. Lucky me.

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19th Jun 2018 15:34

Me too, and all those offers of loose ladies in my area and penile extensions don't seem to be aware of GDPR.

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