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GetGround - BTL etc - Adverts on TikTok

As you know, I am down with the kidz.. so thought I would mention this company.

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Much to my daughters horror, I enjoy watching TikTok.

Anyway, the app is clever, and has decided I need accountancy adverts.

One such company is called GetGround, is all about putting BTL investments into limited companies.

I've no particular axe to grind on BTL, being not in practice myself, and having commercial rather than residential properties.

I know about as little about BTL in companies as I do about Umbrella companies. As we know, if something is looks too good to be true it usually is.

I just think it is clever to use these newest forms of advertising, and to have what looks, on the face of it, websites that look like they will attract punters.


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By David Ex
19th Apr 2022 11:27

What’s not to like?

“One property per company”

And always looks good quoting ex-VAT fees to individuals.

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Replying to David Ex:
By Hugo Fair
19th Apr 2022 13:36

Leaving aside the dubious claims made, it's the next section on their site ("Things to avoid when using us") that truly takes my breath away!
I'm not sure whether to be more impressed by their chutzpah than horrified at the restrictions they demand (leaving the 'owner' with absolutely no control).
Trouble is that with the typical modern attention-span allied to a reluctance to scroll down more than once, I can see the elephant-trap succeeding time & again.

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
Routemaster image
By tom123
21st Apr 2022 12:34

I did quite like that idea of getting the 'telllings off' out there.

Kind of the reverse of " The Customer is Always Right"!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
21st Apr 2022 15:19

TikTok is also my guilty passion.

Some of the property investors are hilarious as are the 18 year old selling courses on how to be as successful as they are.

Look up Harry Livingstone - Crypto investor then thank me later.

Some of comments people get are brutal/hilarious

I had seen these and wondered what problems they fixed but £240 per year for a Ltd co ?????

Dear me. How can they make any money, unless they are mortgage brokers as well so earn money that way.

It is not worth offering some services if that is what people are preferred to work for.

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By Paul Crowley
22nd Apr 2022 00:57

I really enjoyed the price comparison

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By Carl London
22nd Apr 2022 23:38

One of my clients uses GG. I don't trust it myself but he pointed out they have some kind of government funding (pretty ironic as the main reason for a lot of people use Ltd co's for BTLs to save tax!!)
A major downside is it won't allow alphabet shares, but I think the real problem will be effectively being stuck with the GG until you sell the property, having to take price increases on the chin etc.
Remember when Netflix was £4.99 a month?!

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