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getting different results when a pivot table is opened on an apple mac

getting different results when a pivot table is...

Hi all,

I Created a pivot table on excel 2007 and the results match the original data.  When the same file is opened from a mac, the pivot table shows different figures.  When I check the original data on the mac, it is the same data but the pivot table is showing different results.  Can not figure what is causing this and can not find any relevant searches that match this so any advice is appreciated.  I suppose the file in excel can be copied and pasted as values and sent.



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15th Mar 2010 18:40

Have you tried ...

Tools | Formula Auditing ?

You don't say how the results differ - are the two sets self-consistent ?

Also make a cut-down / much simpler version of your tables and check consistency on something easier to analyse.

Does Mac Excel still use a different date basis from Windows ?

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17th Mar 2010 16:07

My guess would be down to differing date systems

 As mike alluded to, AFAIK Macs still use 1904 date system in Excel, so if you have any differences based on dates/date groupings it is more than likely down to this.

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17th Mar 2010 22:23

getting different results when a pivot table is opened on an app

Thanks Michael & Richard,

Thought it would be dates issue but the problem i think lies else where as I the dates column is not set up as dates and the period is using text such as February rather than date.  The solution that will be used is to copy and paste the data as values in pivot table not satisfactory but only solution that works presently.

Thanks again,


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18th Mar 2010 15:26

Let us know by posting here

if you find the actual reason - might benefit others

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