Getting HMRC PFS Gateway confirmation emails

Getting HMRC PSF Gateway confirmation emails every 1-3 minutes constantly for over 2 hours now..

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Looks like a glitch in HMRC gateway confirmatioin email. We don't have a client with PAYE reference starting 582/

Anyone having same emails unless our agent ID is in wrong hands...  Getting excatly the same email as belwon.. for same client 582/NZXXXX  (I have replaced the last digits with XXX)

Successful Receipt of Online Submission for Reference 582/NZXXXX

Thank you for sending your Full Payment Submission.

The submission for reference 582/NZXXXX was successfully received on 23/06/24 and is being processed.

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By FactChecker
23rd Jun 2024 15:53

Probably not that helpful, but presumably your title and question are meant to refer to the RTI Gateway for an FPS ... not "HMRC PSF Gateway"?

But the first obvious question is ... what did you submit just before these emails started arriving?

Of course nothing is impossible with the current broken state of HMRC ... but you're describing two things simultaneously, neither of which I've even seen:
a) sending you an email about a PAYE scheme for which you are not registered; and
b) repeatedly sending the same email (as in a permanent loop) every few minutes.

It's not that uncommon, although annoying, for their system to keep 'polling' after you've sent a file (but before they've confirmed receipt) ... however I can't conceive what is going on as per your description.
Hence my wondering what you *had* just submitted prior to the email deluge?

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