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Getting Irish form IC3 stamped by HMRC

Looking for the correct address

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Hi all,

Client needs to claim refund from the Irish tax authority and we are very close to the deadline after which the opportunity will expire.

As such, I want to ensure we are sending Form IC3 off to the correct HMRC address as I undertsand the process can take around a month and we cannot afford any delays.

Can somebody who has successfully done this please provide the address they used as I have had conflicting advice from HMRC.

Thank you in advance to any/all that can assist.

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By Jdopus
22nd Jan 2019 14:25

I've done a few of these, you need to send it to this address:

Corporation Tax Services
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

You need to be extremely precise with the wording on the cover letter as well and make sure that your client has signed Form IC3 before you send it to HMRC or they'll reject it.

Cover letter needs to state:
- The exact section they need to complete.
- That you need it signed to reclaim irish Relevant Contracts Tax witheld from Irish Sales.
- That the income in question relates to trading income and over what precise period it took place and that this is the period you need HMRC to confirm your UK resident status.
- That, "We hereby confirm that the company is the beneficial owner of all income and that all income will be subject to UK Corporation Tax. "

Again, be precise with this - HMRC's office for stamping these forms is extremely slow and you're looking at 30 days at best. They can also reject it for any petty reason leaving you in the lurch for a further 30 days as you start over so the above checklist is one determined by frustrating trial and error over what they'll accept.

As a further tip, the irish international refunds office can be very slow to process these refunds too but if you ring them and are polite they'll often fast track it once they have all the HMRC stamped forms.

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By ocoughlan09
09th Apr 2019 12:02

Can you send the IC5 form to the same place?

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